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Oct 1, 2014
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Hi there. Finally figured out how to log in through the app...

Some new soaps I've been working on. This is HIS soap scented with frankincense eo, pineapple, sandalwood & lime, basil & mandarin fo.


Sugar Soap, so weird you posted this, we were just talking about lime, basil and mandarin FO (in this case from SOS), which I have not otherwise seen discussed here before. Where did you get yours, and did it stick well?
Got it from soaposh.co.uk. This is the 2nd time I've used it in soaps and I never had any problems
Lovely looking soap, did it accelerate on you? The fragrance sounds absolutely delicious. I ordered a sample of this fragrance from gracefruit but it smelled quite faint OOB, so I've not used it yet!
Very nice soap. I love Lime Basil Mandarin....I can't remember off hand where I got mine. I'll have to check when I get home tonight. I do know it wasn't SOS.
Thanks Rowan. It did a bit but the last batches of soap I made all accelerated (or seized up in the case of vanilla soap). But I was thinking it might be the lye cos it was clumpy. In fact I changed the lye for the last soap (HERS posting pics too :) ) and it turned out ok
Shunt, would you post on where you got it? The discussion on the SOS LBM is in Snappy's OT thread, I will find it for you if you are interested. My takeaway on that one is that it is a remarkably perfect dupe, hard to believe (heavenly in lotion) but not a sticker in CP, and very expensive.