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Mar 26, 2013
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Orangevale, CA
I ran across some almond and oat melt and pour soap that just smells heavenly (the almond scent). I would like to get this scent in a CP soap using only essential oils or all natural fragrance oil, but the soaper insists she only used Almond Oil to scent the soap (yeah right). Any ideas?
It smells like sweet buttery almonds. Yes, neither of my almond oils have much of a scent either. I think she's pulling my leg and her brand is "all natural" so if she's using FO she's not telling. I've ruled out the Bitter doesn't have the slight cherry scent.

Thanks Genny
Thanks Genny I'll give that a whirl. I wouldn't be chasing this so hard , but you know when you find "that" addictive scent:D

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