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Feb 20, 2008
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I am calling all you wonderfully talented soapers out there! There is this soap made by Aveda that is SO nice. I really want to make a soap similar to this and was hoping some of you would have some ideas on a recipe I could try that *may* come out close to something like this: ... D=PROD5903

It is their Rosemary Mint Bath Bar.

I am thinking of grounding up some mint leaves so I can scatter those in the soap too.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
$11 bucks a bar huh........

To try and formulate their recipe would be next to impossible given the info they do give.

This moisturizing bath bar invigorates with a time-release aroma of certified organic rosemary and peppermint that lingers long after you rinse. Won't strip skin of natural oils. Rosemary and peppermint leaf powders lightly exfoliate.

• Softens and hydrates
• Creamy lather
• Hard-milled to last
• Biodegradable
• All skin types

Certified organic lavender, Certified organic marjoram, Certified organic peppermint, Certified organic rosemary, Menthol, Palm oil extracts

All I can say is trial and error and error and trial.
And it helps if you have used this soap before so you know if your close or not.
They only list the peppermint and rosemary leaf powders as an exfoliant, no other ingredients. I don't think it could be any better of a soap than any one of the more experienced soapiers here make. I'm looking into seeing if there is an FO dupe of this. It would not be hard to make your own EO blend using these 2 herbs.

I have found what seems like a really close dupe according to the Scent Review board. It is a Flickers FO from oklahoma Scents. here is the link;

By the way; Welcome to our soap forum. We love chatting and helping out when we can..... :wink:

Yeah I'm with you on that one! There isn't much info. I have used it and I have Rosemary and Peppermint EO but when I put them together it doesn't smell the same. The bar itself is a hard bar but when you use feels very conditioning to your skin and lathers well.

I have been playing with the soap calc trying to get a hard bar but conditioning but not sure what ingredients to use. I am thinking Palm oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, not sure what else.

BTW Faithy thanks for the referral to this board. You helped me on another board I posted on and have always been so helpful. =)

I can truely relate to what you are trying to do. Castelbell makes a soap called simple "Orange" its a triple mill with a fragrance from France, I've been trying to duplicate. so far not even close. But ive made a bunch of nice smelling orange soap. The best so far was Orange blossum with Opium type mixture.. now that soap smells good.
Thank you all for the great ideas! I will let you know how it turns out. Going to give it a shot tomorrow.
play with the amounts of rosemary and peppermint. get a little glass bottle and mix equal drops of each, swirl, sniff. then start moving one direction or the other if you need more rosemary or mint til you hit the correct smell. then cap it and come back later and see if its it.

I'm fiddling with Eucalyptus and Spearmint to get a close approximation to Bath & Bodyworks for my momma. just keep track of what you're doing! :D
tony's has a dupe of the fragrance. i had trouble with it in gm soap and it lost it's scent over time. it just may be a fragrance that doesn't play nicely with goats milk.

i also have from from patty at soapdance and it soaped like a dream and smells pretty close to the real thing. according to my B&B account that wanted it duplicated.

she came to michigan from california several years ago and raved about how aveda was the hottest thing out there. which at that time this little ole hick girl in a little ole hick town had never even heard of it. :) three cheers for google. i wasn't all that impressed, i like to know what's in something before i buy it, and they are all secretive. it's soap for goodness sake, if it has beef tallow or whatever let us know before we buy.

she had given me a small bar of the real thing, now i wish i had kept it so we knew what's in it. they say it is milled ( in bulk on a huge machines, squishing layers and layers of soap together) to give the hard as a brick appearance.