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Oct 14, 2013
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Hi I'm Denise. Totally new to soapmaking and still researching my first 'cook-up' :)

I am pretty 'crunchy' and have made my own household and beauty products for a while now, adding more all the time. What got me looking at making my own soap was the trial and error aspect of going 'no-poo'. I'm using a rhassoul, honey and rosemary wash with acv rinse at the moment, and it works great... where it touches. I have long hair and it's difficult to get it ALL over so I still have greasy patches after a wash. I'm thinking a shampoo bar with a good lather would do the trick so I'm looking to make one with all of the components of my present wash, and beeswax to compliment the honey. Also pretty high on my list of priorities is not to spend any more money than is necessary- I want to use the oils etc I have in anyway and be as resourceful as I can be.

I had intended to try and make it so it could be used for hair and body, and in time for xmas to pass on the excess as gifts but yeah, that's not gonna happen! I've lurked a bit and read up posts on rhassoul and stuff but I'm coming to appreciate that a) my 1st batch could easily go belly-up and b) these things can't be rushed. I've decided to do a body bar first and then attempt the more important shampoo.

So here I am, brimful with questions and raring to go :)
Welcome to the forum. I think Lindy posted a recipe for a shampoo bar that most everyone likes. You might type shampoo bar in the search box and come up with it.

If you're looking for a shampoo bar with good lather, then you'll need high levels of coconut and castor oils ...... So if you're ordering in any oils for other purposes, make sure you have these for your shampoo bars.

Other oils and butters that are good on the hair are olive and argan oil, and I use shea butter in my shampoo. I don't use palm oil or animal fats, but know that some people like them. And the other oils / butters I would like to try in my next batch are jojoba oil and mango butter, as I've read good things about both of them.

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