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Sep 27, 2022
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Hi all!

Early this year, my S/O and I bought our dream retirement home. It's a dream because of its remote, clean location. Though it'll be a few years before it's our full-time residence, I've been hyper-vigilant since day one about the products we use around the house, what goes into the septic, etc.

My S/O is a die-hard user of harsh cleaners, herbicides, etc., it's been a bit of a tussle getting him on board now that we're stewards of this great wilderness area. So this year has been a mission for me to revamp all of our soaps and cleansers.

I've got mature skin (a lifetime of enjoying the outdoors) so I've been a user of handmade soap for a decade. I've never found a soap that fits his bill, however, so I decided I'd make it.

Well... I don't have to tell any of you... I had NO idea what FUN it is to make soap. It's such an awesome mix of creativity and chemistry! So, I'm all in, making batch after batch after batch.

Thanks and nice to meet you all!
Ah, love for your SO... what a fantastic excuse selfless reason you have to make tons of soap! ;)

Show us some pics when you can, please. :)
This is truly an awesome post!! Love it. And where are the photograhs, hmm?!
Yeah, it's really a great hobby that uses both your creative brain and your math/science brain.
Welcome to the Forum!