hello from perth Ontario

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Jul 25, 2007
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Ontario, Canada
Canada, that is. I've been making and selling soap for 6 years locally, and can't seem to stop. The bug has bit, and I just love it. I cannot swirl worth beans, though, unless I use a box mold, but then I cannot cut the bars.

just to show: here's one of my latest swirls, using a fragrance oil that seized on me. The color is alkanet powder, not soaked, just added to the lightly traced soap, which folded in on itself and is rather lumpy. But it smells great! (Rose Geranium fo)

Welcome Diane! :D Everyone, don't let this modest lady fool you, she is a great, experienced soapmaker! She makes a great bar of soap, I know, because I have used one of hers! I still have a tad bit left, and am saving it just to smell! She is most willing to answer any questions and I have learned much from her at other forums! I'm glad you are a part of our "home" here at SMF my friend, welcome!
Oh and if you want a fantastic piece of hardware for your soapmaking and lotions calculations, her and hubby's "Soapmaker" software is AWESOME! 8) :D

PS: As I've mentioned to you elsewhere, that is a great save and it "worked" for you girl! 8)

Paul.... :wink:

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