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Oct 11, 2022
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Hi! Longtime lurker, finally made an account. I'm in my 30s and come from a long line of crafty ladies. I'm the first since my grandmother with an interest in soap, and since skin issues abound, I figured someone should step in. I thought it might be nice to finally join the community I've lurked in and learned from, and maybe have someone to talk to about soap. I've definitely learned a lot from the members here in addition to some knowledge passed on from prior generations, with loads more to go.

If I had to rate my experience level in CP, maybe expert level beginner or beginner-intermediate? Is that a thing? I've made many successful batches with dozens of oils, sugar, salt, FO, citric acid, swirls and colors, etc. I have a few recipes family and friends love (one vegan, one lard, one super cleansing high coconut), although I'm still trying to find one I personally love.

I've done a lot of M&P and love the simplicity of picking out scent and color and creating something artsy when I'm short on time. So again, thanks for having me, I look forward to learning more from the members here!

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