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Feb 26, 2017
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I want to share how I hang my logo sign on my craft table.
This is how a lot of art/prints are hung in galleries.
I bought some super magnets. I think they are called neodymium magnets.
Cost me about $15.00 for 10 from a magnet website.
Under the table clothes, there are three magnets taped to the table using painters tape at left, right and center. Then i put the table clothes down and on the outside i hold the sign and then attach it by sticking another magnet on the outside overtop the area where the first magnet is taped to the table. This way the sign and table clothes are sandwiched between two magnets. On the bottom of the sign the underneath magnets are not taped to anything. The magnets just sandwhich the table cloth and sign and the attract eachother enough to just stay in place. This keeps the edges of the poster from curling up and also helps for people moving by not to move it. I paid about $20 for the sign. It is just a really large photo of my logo that I printed at the kiosk at walmart. You could probably do better at vistaprint but I got mine within 20 minutes of going to the store, on the spot. Hope someone finds this helpful! I struggled with how to hang a sign for a while, then I saw my artist best friend hanging prints in her house like this. I hope the pic load right :)


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