Halloween & Thanksgiving fragrances - scents you would suggest

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Aug 5, 2014
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I'm planning ahead and I want to order some FO's for the season and get making some so that the soaps are seasoned/cured and ready to be used.

I'm curious if anyone has any scents they would suggest, especially for Halloween. I'm not looking for food type scents like pumpkin and such, more like the following:

Bite Me

Forbidden Fruit

Fresh Fallen Leaves

Stormy Night

Poison Pie

Toxic Trance

Vamp Vogue


Witching Hour

Witches Brew

Mystic Orange Moonstone

Zombie Punch


I also am not opposed to some standard ones like pumpkin, pumpkin pie, Spiced cider, acorn harvest, blood orange, Crackling Firewood, Fresh Fallen Leaves


The problem is I don't have time to try all these out nore the $$ to buy a sample of each.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good fragrances? I found most of these at Natures Garden.
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I have a soap I've named "stormy seas" scented with a mix of cold water, yuzu & 10x sweet orange (I felt the cold water was too heavy on it's own, the other two sweetened/lightened it a bit). Coloured it blue/black/silver hence the name.

Hmmm Celestial Waters by BB could work for witching hour - the smell reminds me of twilight colours... if that makes sense.
Bite me is awesome...kinda reminds me of fruity candy but not as sweet. Almost like life savers. I got mine from NG, it was great. I did a tiger stripe with four colors.
I'm thi8nking of doing a halloween collection and gift grab-bag

I'm planning on ordeing probably 10-15 of those oils and I can get tons of 30ml & 60 bottles.

Is anyone interested in sharing an order to sample lots of the scents and see which are the best? I can remail them when I get them.

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