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  1. shimmersoap

    Hobby Lobby Scents

    I just bought a hobby lobby scent. It's called 'White Pear' How was your experiences with HB scents?:)
  2. C

    Soy wax melts

    I'm currently using Ecosoya PB to make my wax melts. I was wondering if anyone on here uses this mixed with GW464? If so what ratio do you use?
  3. Stacy

    General Usage Rates of FOs

    Hello! I have a question about Fragrance Oils. I know the rule of thumb is 1oz PPO. But I've also seen mention of things like cinnamon being irritating (I think this was FO and not just EO but I could be mistaken). What about lotions and creams? Is it just irritation that I'm looking out for...
  4. N

    Starting to Scent (eo's, anchors and additives)

    So I'm not big on scents but I'm slowly preparing myself to go into that world. I'm into lighter scents and natural scents as i get agitated by strong perfumes. However I'm also just learning and on a budget. EO's seem to be the natural route of course. I'm confused on the anchoring of eo's...
  5. R

    Halloween & Thanksgiving fragrances - scents you would suggest

    I'm planning ahead and I want to order some FO's for the season and get making some so that the soaps are seasoned/cured and ready to be used. I'm curious if anyone has any scents they would suggest, especially for Halloween. I'm not looking for food type scents like pumpkin and such, more...
  6. B


    Hello everyone :) I was wondering if anyone has ever bought Yuzu F.O? If so what do you think of it? What is the go 2 place to buy it? Whats the best scents to pair w/it? Is Yuzu an EO or FO or is it an EO that you can get in a FO for a lower price choice? Thanks for any info. It sounds so...