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  1. squigglz

    Been away so long--Latest soaps :)

    Hey all, took ages for me to come back :) Missed this forum! Here's some of the soap I have been working on. I hope this post is ok ^^ Just a couple Halloweens
  2. B

    Curing with dehumidifier

    Hello, I am have read that using a dehumidifier will speed up curing time of cold process soap. Has anyone tried this? Also, is there a possibility that this will weaken the strengths of the fragrance from essential oils that I used? I only fragrance with EO and not FO. I’m on a crunch to get...
  3. Iseleigh

    Kind of new to soap, have a couple questions

    I'm fairly familiar with soap making and using soapcalc.net, but also know that soapcalc is only kind of a guideline and the true values may not always be as the calculations say, especially if you're using liquids other than water and other additives. I've done some research into the oils and...
  4. R

    Halloween & Thanksgiving fragrances - scents you would suggest

    I'm planning ahead and I want to order some FO's for the season and get making some so that the soaps are seasoned/cured and ready to be used. I'm curious if anyone has any scents they would suggest, especially for Halloween. I'm not looking for food type scents like pumpkin and such, more...