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Apr 7, 2008
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I made my first batch of GM this weekend and it smells so freaking good I want to eat it up. I just cut it and will get some photos tomorrow.

I added my GM after I mixed my oils and lye mixture but still got some orange coloring. Honestly though I think it is beautiful and I just want to fast forward until I can use it on my kiddos.

Since it didn't gel is the cure time different? This was the first time I was super intimidated because I've read so many conflicting opinions on how to make it. I just hope once it is done curing it is as fabulous as I think it is, lol. 8)
Does honey make it darker as well?

Here it is. GM, Honey, and Oatmeal. I didn't put the oatmeal on top because my kids are picky and I could see my youngest having a fit over it although I love the way it looks with it. My office smells like a Bit O' Honey bar, exactly.

I put them in the food processor for quite awhile and they looked pretty darn dusty. They ended up being bigger than I though. Try and learn :)

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