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Jul 17, 2007
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Does anyone have a freewebs site or knows at least how it works?
I'm struggling big time with some things, like creating a button for the shipping, adding quantity, making a drop down option for scents and such. On the eCommerce help site it's being mentioned that there's a 'More options' button.. but I don't see it!?!.. :oops: :roll:

Please, somebody help me!!! I'd be ready to open my site, but without the proper shipping button, the customers would only pay for the soap...
:oops: I e-mailed you yesterday, but I thought I'd also shout out here as I really feel bad bugging you with my idiocity all the time! :oops:

Btw, I kinda figured it out; or better say I realized I have to go through PayPal and use the HTML codes.. but now it's kicking my butt with estimating shipping and such... :roll:

Maybe I'll catch you on YIM when the lil one is napping and I have some peace to work here at the pc. Right now I can't concentrate with both monsters 'yapping'! :lol:

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