first soap made in my TOG mold

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Next batch I'm going to put the mold in the oven for CPOP. It's so darn cold in my soaproom, that even covered with newspapers and towels, the soap didn't gel.
That is pretty Woodi!

Its cold like that here too... I just warm up the kitchen with the stove, and then soap away...
Very nice looking, indeed, Diane! 8) Thanks for the action series of pictures you linked to! Very nice work. You have always done beautiful swirls. :D

That soap looks Sooooo GOOD! I cant wait until mine arrives....How many lbs did you make for this one? I'm curious, 'cause I'm getting this mold too. Kat

Woodi, those are some gorgeous soaps! I hope I can make something that pretty when I get a little more experience under my belt.

I have that mold on the way to me, too. :D
Nice soap!

Wow, the swirls are awesome! I need to find a tutorial on that! ;-)
Question, where does one obtain a mold like that?
Found molds!

I did a quick search and found out that Paul the soap man makes these! I should have looked first!
Still beautiful soap!
Michelle1210 said:
Woodi do you cp or hp?, ?Im confused I would think the cold would help settle the soap. My computer only let me see one pic, the others should up as error. How many lbs of soap does your mold hold?

Woodi, I hope you don't mind me answering Michelle's question. :wink:

Michelle that particular TOG Mold, the TOG 12/24 Bar Slab Mold W/Dividers & Top uses 45 ounces of oils to make a batch of 12 bars 1-1/8" thick. You can pour any depth you want to, up to 2-1/4" thick which, of course, would be 90 ounces of oils. You can cut these bars in 1/2 to get 24 bars. This is my best and fastest selling mold I have. It has a little sister and a bigger brother, too! :lol:

Just go to my site and look around! :)

Paul.. :wink:
WOW that is Purrrrrrrrrrddddddyyyy. Very profesional. You can not buy soap like that comercially. You Have a special Gift . You along with so many people on this Forum are so very gifted and blessed to be able to create such a great art form in soap.. Really to nice to use ( only a soaper would think so). Great job!! and thanks for sharing.
Sorry I didn't get back here sooner.

Phillip: eucalyptus eo in CP soap is one of my best sellers. I use it straight, at 1/2 oz ppo.

The swirls were very easy to do in this mold - much easier than in a log mold. I just took out a cup or two of lightly traced soap, added some color (I use oxide powder mixed with a little oil to blend); then put the uncolored soap in the mold, hold the cup of colored soap high up over it and drizzle it in, this way and that way; then: stir with a knife, up, down and crossways. Easy!

It makes about 3 to 4 pounds of soap.

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