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Sep 15, 2015
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I did it! Kinda looks like a steak because of the colors lol. Smells like cocoa butter.
ImageUploadedBySoap Making1442401579.873640.jpgImageUploadedBySoap Making1442401614.430159.jpg
Lol! It does look like steak! There's a spam soap floating around here somewhere too, I believe. Your swirls turned out great though!
How much cocoa butter did you use for the scent to survive?
I am sure you did, but make sure to cut the soap up in little pieces before microwaving it. On a cookie sheet? I would give it a try, but watch the soap because MP gets very hard-and you may find it's hard to cut with a cookie cutter. Best of luck!

And oh- about buying FO. That's a good question. It is trial & error. So many people have different recipes,'s personal taste. I would first look for somewhere that has good shipping rates to your location. You'll soon find out shipping take a HUGE chunk out of profit, etc...

It's awesome and between your steak soap, the spam soap, and my pizza soap, we've got a buffet going LOL
Why on earth am I craving a big juicy steak at 8AM???

It looks great! I'm curious if you used FO or if your cocoa butter scent just survived?
Every time I go to check on this soap I laugh at how much it looks like steak lol. I'm going to have to order some bacon FO and see if I can duplicate the look. My daughter would freak out!