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Chalk Creek

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Nov 23, 2007
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Hi. What is the consistency of your finished whipped shea? Is like whip cream, or more dense like butter? Mine feels just like butter, softer than a lotion bar. Should it be fluffier?

I use 75% shea and 25% sweet almond with just a few drops of EOs. Whip in an ice water bath until it looks like a good meringue.
The longer you whip it the firmer it will be.

It should be as firm as *you* like it.

I used to whip mine fairly solid so you had to dig it out. Now I like mine a bit a softer so I whip it a bit less.
Chalk sounds great- I would leave it if you like it- sounds like your going for the whipped cream type which I have yet to get mine is more like a "dig out" butter! People really like it at least the ones I sell too!
Tab, I like it but I'd like to have it be fluffier. Will try whipping less. I wonder if it is getting cold too fast? Have to keep experimenting.

dragonfly, I'll get some pics when I whip my next batch, hopefully late next week.
The only problem being if you do not whip enough, it will fall like a souffle. You will find your jars are only 1/2 full & kinda slimey the next day. It's like M&P though, you can rement & rewhip.

You are right that the faster it gets cold, the firmer it will get too.
How do you know if you have whipped it enough? How long do you usually whip it to have it semi-solid?
How long you whip to get it firm depends on how cold your ice bath is, how big your batch is & what speed you whip on. If I submurge a 1# batch in an ice bath & whip on the highest speed with a standing mixer for 6-9 minutes I have firm whipped shea. Other people (Paul) will tell you it takes them an hour to whip a firm batch. There are variables.
I guess it requires a few tries, and some good notetaking about what you did so that when you get it right you know for next time... :lol:
You know you have not whipped it enough when you go to look at it the next day & it has fallen like a souffle & your jars are now only 2/3 full!

If this happend you can remelt it & rewhip it. Don't throw it out (Dragon who? :wink: )!
W/o the cold you will end up w/ butter the texture of crisco or animal fat :? .
Ok gals and guys- I thought I did it- I thought I had cool whip body mousse- but noooo. I did at first- I did do it with an ice bath- and was fab- then I put the cap on the jar- come back a few hours later and another hard butter even using a softer oil melts into the skin though- :(. I think I'm destined to be a hard butter person- but you know maybe it's just meant to be that way and I like my butter that way anyway! Thought I would vent- thanks for listening!

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