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Nov 21, 2006
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What are some of your favorite oils to use and what do you use them for? I love sandalwood. I rub a drop on my forehead. It makes me feel more balanced and creative. I also like to use peppermint in the morning. I rub a few drops in my hands and then cover my face with them and take a few deep breaths. It always helps me feel alerts and motivated. I also like to put a few drops of neroli in the bathtub. It's great to help me relax.
I love peppermint - or any of the other mints for that matter. I like to rub a little on my feet every morning after I get out of the shower.
When i take a shower in the morning I plug drain so the tub fills up a little and put a few drops of grapefruit, orange or lemon in the water. The citrusy scent helps me feel energized in the morning.
I like to mix bergamot and cardamom. I place a few drops in a diffuser on my desk while I'm at work. They also work great as a room mist.
I like to blend mint and ginger - I use it as a air freshener for my car.
I love GRAPEFRUIT! it has a really refreshing smell, that really gets you filled with joyful energy! :D I use it in a lotion that I really like.
Lavender is still one of my favorites. I also love the smell of neroli, vanilla, and sandalwood oils, but they are so expensive that I don't use any of them often.
I use lemon and lime in my shampoo blend-just smells sooo fresh. And I love adding a couple drops lemongrass to an oil burner-its heavenly,has an almost floral aroma to it.I do 8 parts mandarin 2 parts LG. My favourite lotion combo at the moment is ylang,litsea,lemongrass. Seems Im in love with the citrusy. :roll:
My favorite is Lavender oil. I carry it in my purse all the time. It's great for when you sneeze and can't get someplace to wash your hands right away. Just a couple drops, your hands are disinfected and smell GREAT.

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