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May 8, 2023
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Hi everyone! I’m wondering if anyone ever found someplace that carries a dupe of SW’s Tonic? I have one 16 oz bottle left that still smells amazing and is performing well in CP, but I don’t want to be without it when it’s gone! 😩
Do you remember whether SW Tonic was a dupe of a perfume? Micas and More have a "The Tonic" that is a dupe of the perfume Hedonic Tonic. I have been thinking about ordering it to test.

I still have a small amount of a dupe of the SW one that I am still using in lotion bars. I don't have enough left for soap, but I agree The Scent Works one was very nice.
I'm late to this party... but I've used M&M Tonic FO... I don't recommend it - or at minimum if you plan to sell do a test batch and keep for at least 6 months before you make a batch to sell. I made soap with this FO twice, two different recipes, and both had DOS within a few months. Both of my recipes are good and I have soap bars that are 5+ years old, so it's not a recipe issue. I used it in some b&b products, and the fragrance went rancid. I have had issues with almost all of the FO's that I buy from M&M, so I only buy colors there now. Shame, because it is a lovely fragrance.

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