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Nov 9, 2018
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hi everyone!
i'd like to make a facial bar of soap for my dry skin,
so what do you suggest for me to use as % of CO , Castor oil , also superfat% ....
i'd like to make it very gental and very conditioning , can you give me some advices ?
also which of those ingredients can i use : moroccan red clay / Ghassoul / activated charcoal or green clay
and thanks for your answers !
There so a recipe here for a shampoo bar that is awesome for the face. Though some can’t use regular soap on their face. I’ll see if I can find it and link to it. I don’t use clays as I find they dry my skin out. I do make the recipe with some activated charcoal and I like that.
Found it, Shunt! :) Was just about to press send when your post came up. lol

Hi Mounia- there's a great recipe here on SMF by member Genny that many use as a facial bar, although she actually formulated it to be a shampoo bar. lol Here is the thread where the recipe can be found: https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/shampoo-bar-thanks-lindy.30946/

It doesn't have any coconut oil in it, but it's surprisingly bubbly. I' make my own tweak of it by subbing the soy oil out for HO safflower oil. I superfat mine at 6%. It makes a lovely, gentle bar of soap.

IrishLass :)
i put Genny 's recipe in the calculator,
and i think it will be so good !
but so soft and it will not last for a long time!?
and i don't have avocado oil so i decide to put sunflower oil at 20% and 10% beef tallow (for some hardness )
but it will be also soft :/
(maybe i will add some salt !)
do you think it will be a good idea ?
It makes a pretty hard soap and lasts quite well honestly. The numbers I take with a grain of salt. I pretty much look at the cleansing and conditioning. It makes a nice soap.

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