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  1. Y

    Face soap ingredients for all skin types

    Hello, I’m making a tea tree and charcoal face/ body soap and am trying to find out what ingredients to avoid for the face. Also, how do I determine if my other soaps are safe for use on face? I only use essential oils and natural ingredients.
  2. M

    Dry Skin !

    hi everyone! i'd like to make a facial bar of soap for my dry skin, so what do you suggest for me to use as % of CO , Castor oil , also superfat% .... i'd like to make it very gental and very conditioning , can you give me some advices ? also which of those ingredients can i use : moroccan red...
  3. S

    Charcoal Face Soap & Gentle Exfoliant?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to get a gentle exfoliant in a charcoal face soap? I'm curious to see what my options could be. Thanks! S