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Aug 25, 2007
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Richland, WA
Just thought I'd introduce myself and ask some general questions.

My first attempt was 100% olive oil I had on hand; tried to make it in my Kitchen Aid mixer (heck! it worked for bread). Took forever to trace (24 hours +); finally added a little coconut oil and put a heating pad around the bowl. Laughing Soap turned out fine.

Bought a stick blender and make it on the stove now.

Mostly I've made goat milk recipes, some shampoo bars, and olive oil and some palm oil. Almost no fragrance. used.It's all turned out good. Just got back from 2 months sailing in BC. Shampooed my hair only with my shampoo bars and I did not go bald.

So, I want to make some today. I've got some citronella EO and want to use about 80- 90% olive oil. (or maybe 100% olive oil (now that I have a stick blender). I was thinking my usual, adding coconut oil for the balance, for lather, or some palm for hardness.

But I heard of using 90% OO with 10% castor oil, like I use in the shampoo bars. Will this make a bar sufficiently hard?

I also want to try swirling, but don't want to add coloring that will much effect the soap's properies. Ideas?

BTW, what do you I do with all this soap? I've been giving it away, but I'm starting to spend real money, now that I've ordered some EO's for fragrance. I don't really like the idea of selling it since I'm guessing I'll make about 1/10th or what I make on my day job Smile

My favorite response to my soap gifts, was from a wiseacre friend. After trying the goat milk bar I gave him, he said:

"That's the worst tasting fudge I've ever had."

Richland, WA
Hey Dan, nice to meet you.

You can always donate the soap to shelters etc.. since you dont want to sell it.

The 90% olive and 10% castor will eventually make a hard bar, but people add other things to cut the "slim" down from the bar..

Sounds like you are doing good so far. I know Paul only makes Goat Milk soaps.. so you two will make great conversation.


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