Does anyone make Jelly?

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Feb 26, 2008
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Hello All, I am wondering if anyone makes jelly? If so I wonder if anyone has tried to make say banana jelly? I have some very over ripe bananas that I froze and am wanting to try and make some jelly with them so I dont have to throw them out. Any suggestions or any input at all would be gratefully welcomed. In advance many Thx for you responses.

I've never made banana jelly but have made a ton of banana bread for the very same reason!
if you don't want to deal with them right away, mash them up, measure out the amount needed for a batch of bread and put in the freezer for making bread at a later date. i luv banana bread with big chunks of chocolate in it.

i've never seen jelly with bananas but have seen recipes for strawberry banana jam. i don't think i would use overripe bananas in it, though.
Jellys and jams are mostly juice, I don't think you can get juice out of a banana. I plan to make my 1st jellies this summer!
here are some recipes

Recipe gal has five banana jam recipes:
I've never tried them though.

If anyone wants to make a truly fantastic and unique jelly, here's my all-time favorite jelly recipe. It has a tart lemony-sweet taste and is absolutely delicious on hot biscuts!

Sumac-elderberry jelly

Pick a mess of elderberries like almost a gallon
pick a mess of sumac heads (pick the red ones, the white are poision sumac) there are two common varieties of red sumac in the US, it does not matter which you use. I pick enough to overfill a grocery store bag. sometimes I pick two grocery store bags just so I have enough to make a nice sumacade with honey.

Put the sumac in a big pot with just enough water to cover. Heat up the pot but not to boiling.. while it's heating, try to mash and smash and stir the sumac for like 10 minutes. When you think you've gotten the color and flavor out off the berries strain out the juice and discard the seeds and stems, etc..

put the elderberries in a pot with just enough water to cover. bring to simmer and mash and smash the berries. slow simmer for like maybe 15 more minutes (don't let the bottom of the pan burn) strain out the juice

Now mix and heat 3 cups of the elderberry juice and 5 cups of the sumac juice in a big ole pot. Bring mixture to a boil and add two packages of suregell, mix well. bring back to a boil and stir in 10 cups of suger.Boil for three and a half minutes. STIR CONSTANTLY OR IT WILL STICK. when the time is up, put into jelly jars, make sure the tops are clean and dry, screw down the seals and then cover them up to keep warm so they will seal. If you get any that don't seal, I'm not sure if you can reprocess.. We always just say " oh darn, guess we'll have to eat all this delicious jelly now, what a shame :wink: "

also we usually have left over sumac juice, don't throw it away. sweeten it with honey and dilute to taste and it makes a nice refreshing drink.[/url]
has anyone ever tried beachplumb jam/ is SOOOOO goood... my mom makes it from beachplumbs picked outside her house in Montauk, NY...not many people make it anymore but its soooo goood...tastes like a cross between cranberry and pomegranite...mmmm like 9 jars saved :) can only make like once every few years due to the bp's not blooming every year!!
No, but I made a 2 pound batch of soap last night for the TN Soap Gathering, that was scrnted with Blackberry Jam scent....yummy! :wink: :D
lol I could go for one of those PB and BPJ's right now stomachs rumbling!... off to the store! :)

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