Does anyone have a great coffee scent to recommend?

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Jul 17, 2007
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Or possibly could spare 1 oz for me? :D (I'd pay for it, of course! :lol: )

I have a person who asked me if I'd make a coffee scented soap and even though I have made some for myself in the past with real ground coffee and cocoa and it did smell like coffee, I think it might be better if I'd add actual coffee fragrance to my concoction.

I'd really appreciate that!!!

Thank you! :D
If you want straight coffe this is a good one:

Natures Garden Candles
From their web site: "The aroma of strong black fresh-brewed arabica coffee beans."
Discolors to brown.
Safe for CP soaps & bath/body products.
Flashpoint: >200F

Hope that helps.
Wow, I had got this little dram of "Cafe au Lait" from
Soap Silly Wholesale..

And I have to say.. THAT IS FRESH COFFEE!! WHEW!
KY's -- fresh brewed coffee great in wax (I use soy)

OT - Columbian Coffee - soaps great.
I have this amazing chocolate espresso from brambleberry! Smells decadent and rich mmmmm! I need some chocolate now.

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