Do you use soap stamps?

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Nov 18, 2013
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Hit me with your soap stamps pictures! If you use them, do you feel like they add to branding your product - or just adding a nice finishing touch, if you don't sell? Do you always use one particular stamp, or play with different ones depending on the soap? Any other thoughts are welcome, share your experience - and images!
I moved this to the Photo Gallery since you're asking for people to post pictures. Plus this also bumps this topic to the top of the New Posts list. ;)
I don't use stamps on pretty soaps, but I do on boring or not-so-pretty soaps. I use them to distract away from the soap itself. LOL I usually stamp my work horses (f.ex coffee soaps) and tan coloured soaps, just because they're boring. (I don't sell soaps, I'm just a home soaper, so I don't have any brand name or anything, I just stamp for the fun of it.)

I have a few of those little resin stamps you can buy, but I find them to be a bit tricky to use. They sometimes squish the soap in too much or pull out little pieces of soap, unless you stamp them at that goldilocks stage where they aren't too soft and they aren't too hard. I mostly like using fondant cutters as stamps, because they are no-fail and much cheaper!

Here's some (boring, tan coloured) banana and oat flour rounds I stamped with a fondant cutter;

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