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  1. L

    Brass stamp discolouring soap!

    Hi I have a brass stamp which I love how it looks like, however certain soaps, particularly whites/clear ones the stamped area starts discolouring after a few weeks, becoming an awful yellow and spoiling the bar 😔. Any idea why this happens? Any suggestion to fix those soaps? Desperate for...
  2. MySoapyHeart

    My new Etsy Fair Trade Stamps for my soaps & labels

    I purchased these stamps from a seller on Etsy, they are fair trade and 100% handmade, from India. Made out of carved wood (handle) and metal stamp, these are really solid and great. The flower one is for lipbalm labels I want to make. I got them because I have been soaping non stop for almost...
  3. seven

    Playing with soap stamps :D

    Nothing fancy, just basic, 1 color soaps. I think i go thru phases, and right now i'm not really in the mood to do intricate swirls and layers. Instead, rubber mallet is my friend.. Egg and lanolin facial soap Another facial soap Papaya-bearberry soap thanks for looking! eta: more...
  4. Ravenscourt Apothecary

    Do you use soap stamps?

    Hit me with your soap stamps pictures! If you use them, do you feel like they add to branding your product - or just adding a nice finishing touch, if you don't sell? Do you always use one particular stamp, or play with different ones depending on the soap? Any other thoughts are welcome, share...