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  1. SpaceCorgi94

    3D Printed Stamp Creation + Mica Stamping

    So after a LONG time not being able to make soap, I've finally settled into my new place and had the chance to break out the soap stuffs once more. I did this by funnily enough, recreating my last "Getting back into it" soap. It was fun to try and recreate something that I made prior. While the...
  2. C

    Best time for soap stamping?

    I just ordered my first two acrylic soap stamps and I'm wondering, ballpark, when the best time is to stamp cold process soaps? I tried it out on a bar that's about 2.5 months old and it cracked, which I expected. The batch I just unmolded this morning is going to be a gift, so when I stamp it...
  3. Ravenscourt Apothecary

    Do you use soap stamps?

    Hit me with your soap stamps pictures! If you use them, do you feel like they add to branding your product - or just adding a nice finishing touch, if you don't sell? Do you always use one particular stamp, or play with different ones depending on the soap? Any other thoughts are welcome, share...