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Jul 17, 2007
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SW Missouri
Here is what I just got in the mold a few minutes ago;




It actually turned out like I had it planned, for once! :lol:



Paul :wink:
Paul, nice looking soap. What size are your pictures? Jean
Thanks Ian! :) Green Irish Tweed is a mans scent made famous by Carry Grant back in the 50's. It is/was made by House of Creed for him. I use several suppliers. The scent is spring fresh. I love it!!! 8)

Here is a description from Oregon Trail Soap Supply;

Green Irish Tweed *type*
This is our rendition of this majestic fragrance which was originally created by the House of Creed for actor Cary Grant and it's a favorite of Prince Charles and many actors like Richard Gere, Nicolas Cage and Robert Redford. It's also a favorite of many women. It has notes of Mysore sandalwood, ambergris, violet leaves, French verbena and Florentine iris. It's very fresh and it is AWESOME in CP soap. We are sure you will love our version as it was Creed's award winner for the best men's fragrance in 2005 for which we congratulate them. Use it for your award winning male. Another superior fragrance in "The Perez Collection"
Flashpoint: 205°F
Candle: OK

NOTE: Check December 2005 Juan's Fragrance Lab for more extensive blends with this new magnificent fragrance.

2 ounces, $4.95
4 ounces, $8.95
8 ounces, $14.95
1 pound, $25.95

CUSTOMER COMMENT: I so wanted this men’s fragrance to be in the Oregon Trail line, but a really good one, not a cheap imitation and now Oregon Trail’s got it! It's a DEAD ON DUPE of the expensive scent of the same name. Juan P. of "The Perez Collection"
CUSTOMER COMMENT: I also made a lotion for my DAD and my boyfriend using the Green Tweed and they both love the Scent!Especially my DAD, he wears a lot of colognes! Julie H.

It is a big seller for me year round and fathers day is in a few months, lots of women buy it for their man. Love the scent. I can send you a sniffy this week when I ship your package.

oooooh that would be cool! :) . Would love to see what it smells like (I can only try so hard through the cpu screen ;)...if you sniff hard enough....... lol...)

I love "fresh scents" (used to be really into Irish spring soap before i stopped buying storebought stuff)

Still working off of my first two batches!... I gave a bunch of bars to my family and STILL have like at least 3 months supply of soap for myself ! one bar lasts FOREVER!!! and I take lots of showers!

excited to see cut pics on both the soaps you did tonight!

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