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Nov 19, 2015
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Southeast MO
Does anyone have any experience with this thing? It can't possibly be very well made for that price, but I just need a cutter that functions a little better than a miter box that isn't quite the right size.

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Heh, thanks Penelope! And yes, that is a plane on the bottom. It also has little grooves on the underside you're supposed to be able to fit the corners of your soap in so you can bevel too, but I don't care so much about that.
I actually have one very much like that, only mine is made of bamboo. Mine came with a wavy cutter, and if I use it, it cuts beautiful bars. If I use a regular knife, the slot is too wide and I have to be very careful or I don't get straight bars. I want to get an actual straight bar cutter and see if it's easier. Overall though, I really like it for the money spent.
Navaria is right it is like Mitre box and if you use flat cutter the bars are not going to be uniform. With wavy one; yes. I do not think it is worth the money