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Sep 13, 2019
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Hey guys! I'm a beginner at making cold processed soap. I live in a fairly cool apartment with not much space to leave my bars to cure other than inside the oven (off, of course). Is this a sufficient place to let them cure? If so, how can I speed up the curing process?
I have an over the loo storage unit with slatted wood shelves that I got from IKEA a few years ago. It has narrow depth shelves, the slats are close together so the soap can sit easily, and is easy to tuck away without intruding too far into any room. I store my curing bars on this, and they get plenty of airflow due to the slats. I looked and don't see it available on the IKEA website so it may be discontinued, but I am sure something similar might be available.
Can you please translate DOS? I'm still getting all these abbreviations down, haha!
Dreaded Orange Spots...they are an indication that the soap is going rancid......metal shelves seem to be notorious for causing dos. I had my soap on shelves everywhere for they are in a spare bedroom. I used flat cardboard boxes with a sheet of craft paper...soaps were gently covered with cheesecloth as I have dusty issues. Worked out well...if you dont mind soap everywhere. HA!

Welcome to the wonderful world of soaping!
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I have used the tops of the top cabinets in the kitchen, tops of book shelves, behind the TV on the entertainment system, behind the decorative head of the bookcase headboard, top of the fridge and/or freezer, on top of books in bookcases (in plastic organizer baskets so the soap did not directly touch the books, and many other open but not in direct sight locations in my apartment (lived in only for 1 year, thank goodness) to cure soap. You can find spots, just be creative.