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  1. C

    White residue on my Silicone moulds

    Hello! I just found this whitish residue on my silicone moulds. This is after it has been soaked and washed with soap. When I googled it, it said it was Calcium Sulfate. I just wanted to know if this residue would be detrimental to the next batch of soap I make in them. Google suggests certain...
  2. oremora

    please advise! wet mud in cold process soap

    hello! new member and first year soap maker here. i live near the sea and have been gifted some mud from our salt fields! it's great for skin and i'd love to use it in a bar but not sure how to go about it. it's a large jar, the mud sits in brine. i've been looking into it for a couple months...
  3. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Oils on top of curing soap

    Is the sky falling? My 'cold' process batter got a 'little' hot when mixing, ie around 75 C. It is now in a tall cylindrical PVC log mold that traps heat exceptionally well. I decided to leave the top off and realized a layer of obviously separated oil that is roughly 0.25 inch thick siting on...
  4. My very first batch of CP soap! - Black raspberry vanilla

    My very first batch of CP soap! - Black raspberry vanilla

    After about 2 years of research and mulling, I finally purchased a starter kit from nurture soap co. and loved EVERY MINUTE of making this soap. Feel like a proud mama !
  5. Pickled paprika infused oil IMG_7142.jpg

    Pickled paprika infused oil IMG_7142.jpg

    The oil was taken from a glass jar of pickled roasted red paprikas
  6. Pickled paprika infused oil IMG_7141.jpg

    Pickled paprika infused oil IMG_7141.jpg

    The oil was taken from a glass jar of pickled roasted red paprikas
  7. Paprika infused oil (IMG_7131.JPG)

    Paprika infused oil (IMG_7131.JPG)

    The oil was taken from a glass jar of pickled roasted red paprikas
  8. DucknBear Gracie

    Mixing essential oils and fragrance oils

    Helloooo again Anyone have any experience mixing essential oils and fragrance oils in CP soap? I plan on experimenting for myself tomorrow (very exciting! haven't experimented in almost a year now, used to be my favourite thing to do!) but I always love hearing other peoples experiences - I will...
  9. Unmoulded too early :(

    Unmoulded too early :(

    Beef tallow and HO sunflower oil infused with annatto powder. Was too impatient, wanted to see how it looks like - now I can see it was unmoulded too early. There are two more sunflower moulds, they will wait until tonight.
  10. M

    Panty hose for what exactly?

    I remember seeing someone say they used panty hose to smooth their soap or something. I’m curious, does anyone know about this technique and what it actually does? Or how to even do it. I am wanting my soaps to be super smooth without any perfections. I only do cold process. Let me know of any...
  11. B

    Cost per bar of soap

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie and was looking to get some other's feedback on your cost per bar of cold process soap. First of all, our soap is costing around $1.50/5oz bar, or $0.30/oz. This is using organic oils, non organic everything else. Using all natural ingredients, like colored kaolin...
  12. sapphire74

    The bottom of my soap turned yellow with yellowish spots. What happened?

  13. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Fresh & Other 'Perishable' Ingredients (& Natural Packaging Materials) in CP Soap

    In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, I am also keen on using dry ingredients like oat flour, corn flour, aloe powder, etc and packaging matterials that include cotton. 1. Am I correct in assuming that, provided they are very well pureed or ground, perishable ingredients are less likely...
  14. KaySteve


    So i have been wanting to make cold process soap for like three years but got told its really difficult and to start with melt and pour, while that was fun it just wasnt what i wanted. im ready to finally get into CP and have done so much research and have my recipies and designs ready. My...
  15. ShelbbyLeighh

    Charcoal Soap has chalky white film ?

    Hi guys, I made my first batch of cold process Charcoal Soap last night & when i had a look at it this morning, there’s kind of a white chalky film over the top. I sprayed it with 70% isopropyl alcohol 13 min after pouring into the mold. I’m sure it’s harmless but just would like to verify...
  16. NaturallyPosh

    First post, First batch of soap in a mold, First bath bombs!

    Hello everyone, Have been lurking for a minute, reading all the experience and much needed tips and advice. Finally made my first batch of soap in a mold today along with many many unsuccessful bath bomb batches and only two really pretty bath bombs. I have made soap before but nothing pretty...
  17. Emily4028

    First cocoa butter soap

    Hi all, I’m a beginner looking to make a conditioning soap with a creamy lather that leaves skin feeling super soft. I came up with the following recipe using soapcalc and several forums on this site. It’s my first time using cocoa butter. I just tried it after 1 week of curing (I couldn’t...
  18. Kila

    Curing Question!

    Hey guys! I'm a beginner at making cold processed soap. I live in a fairly cool apartment with not much space to leave my bars to cure other than inside the oven (off, of course). Is this a sufficient place to let them cure? If so, how can I speed up the curing process?
  19. Ronda Stika

    My 4th of July Event Star Soap

    Since my red, white & blue cupcakes aren't what I envisioned, I decided to make a loaf of Stars & Stripes soap with the cute star embeds I had previously made. My piping skills are so-so, I hope to improve and have a new recipe just for frosting. I would love feedback! Since I will be selling...
  20. Stephd31

    Translucent and Opaque soap - how is it done?

    Hi Everyone, I have long been obsessed with opaque and translucent soaps together. So I have been working on making translucent soap without burning down the house, but working with everclear does terrify me. Have any of you done this type of soap? Is it just transparent soap poured on top...