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Jan 16, 2017
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is petal dust and luster dust be an alternative for MICA? and is it approved by FDA?
Can you post a link? Generally, though, it's better to use colors from people who specialize in soap and know what colors will stand up to the lye process.

Hint: Nurture Soap ships colors free to the contiguous 48. I think the minimum purchase is $20?
What's the reason you don't want to use mica? It looks like one of the ingredients of "luster dust" IS mica. Plus titanium dioxide, which you can purchase as well to whiten your soap.

Sites like Nurture Soaps actually test their micas in cold-process soap and post photos of the results you get a very clear picture of how they react. Using non-soap colorants can result in colour morphing, colour disappearing or other weird things happening.
I've used the luster dust on top of my soap. I had a little bit left from my cake decorating days and tried it. It worked okay. This was early on when I only made soap for my family.
I don't use MICA because our neighborhood doesn't sell mica... i can only buy mica for shipping... luster dusts and petal dusts are the ones that i saw in a baking supply shop and i wondered if it can be safe to put it in CP soap... I'm also still wondering if its approved by FDA for soap?
Well, since it's edible, I am sure it's safe for soap. But how expensive is it? I say give it a try with a small purchase and see how it works for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that you probably won't really know how much of what micas or oxides you are actually putting into your soap, so recreating the exact same colors may be more of a challenge.

Also, if you are in any way concerned about vegetarian-type (not that you eat, it, just that sometimes a vegetarian or vegan doesn't want animal products in their soap), then Carmine is out, so you would need to avoid the pinks and reds because they might contain cochineal, which is made from bugs. (I am referencing the second link you gave, which states that they may contain Carmine.)
thank you everyone... im selling soaps so i should put it in the label that's why i'm asking hehe
I am going to skip all the judgment of whether or not you should be selling, and point out to you that gram for gram, even with shipping, luster dust and petal dust are a tad more than micas. Shipping should be figured into the cost of the mica, but it should not unnecessarily be ruled out.