Container Question - Do you know where I can get this??

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Hi There -- I was searching and found this company, which looks similar - the sizes would work... my bars are 2 1/2 square by 3/4 inch high. I think the FT-33 size would work, and have contacted the company about sending a sample. Although, I have to order 250 in a case, I am not sure what I am going to do with 250! LOL. I will let you know what they send.

ttyl, :)
You could always co-op them, find a couple other people to split the order with!
If you do decide to get them, let us know, I am sure a few people would like to co-op! I know I would! :D
I sure will let you all know about a co-op on them, I think that would be great! - I think these could be really useful for lotion bars and such. Much less expensive than the twist up container and most of my clients don't seem to care for those. I did submit a request for some samples and will let you all know. They also have black round plastic container which caught my eye... hmm. :)