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Title Page
The title page is the fist page of the business plan and should contain the following information.

Company name, address, phone number,fax number and Web address
Company logo, if available
Names, titles, addresses, and phone numbers of the owners and key executives
Date on which the business plan was issued
Number of the copy (to help keeptrack of how man copies are outstanding)
Name of the preparer,if other than the owners and key executives

Table of Contents
The table of contents provides a sequential listing of the sections of the plan, with page numbers

Executive Summary
The executive summary is crucial for getting the attention of the one-minute investor. It must convey a clear and concise picture of the proposed venture and, at the same time, create a sense of excitement regarding its prospects. This menas that it must be written—and, if necessary, rewritten—to achieve clarity and create interest. Even though the executive summary comes at the beginning of the business plan, it provides an overview of the whole plan and should be written last. Depending on the situation and the preference of the entrepreneur, the executive summary may be in the form of a synopsis or a narrative

Synopis – The synopsis is the more straightforward of the two summary formats.A snopis briefly covers all aspects of the business plan, giving each topic relatively equal treatment. It relates, in abbreviated fashion, the conclusions of each section of the completed business plan.

Narrative – Because the narrative tells a story, it can convey greater excitement than the synopsis. However, composing an effective narrative requires a gifted writer who can communicate the necessary information and engender enthusiasm without crossing the line into hyperhole. A narrative is moreappropriate for businesses than are breaking new ground with a new product, a new market, or new operational techniques. The narrative works well for companies with interesting or impressive backgrounds or histories.

Mission Statement
The firms’ mission statement concisely describes the intended strategy and business philosophy for making the entrepreneur’s vision a reality. In a few sentences, it should convey how combined efforts in all areas of the business will move toward its goal. It is essential that a mission statement remain simple, believable,and achieveable.

HOMEWORK: Begin writing your Mission Statement & Vision Statement