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Feb 11, 2008
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Right here, silly!
This section is available for anyone to promote their business, product, website, etsy store, etc. No minimum post count required. Please, only post if your product/service/etc. is of value to the soap/craft community. Unrelated posts may be deleted.

Section I. Rules:

1. The following disclaimer must be posted at the top and bottom of every advertisement:

DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk.

2. Relevant materials/products only. We are a community of crafters and business owners who work with soap, candles, B&B products and the like. Ads for unrelated materials will be deleted at the moderator's discretion.

3. NO personal business sales.

4. Promotional/advertising posts must be limited to this area only.

5. Introduction/general promotion posts limited to once monthly MAXIMUM.

6. Posts introducing sales are not currently limited in number or frequency. Sales should include start and end dates.

Section II. A few extra tips and words of advice to suppliers:

As is common on many internet forums, SMF periodically experiences the ocassional rude and/or dishonest ad made by those posing as 'suppliers, as well as those same “suppliers” posing as customers in the Shopping Recommendations forum, so here are some tips for (new) suppliers posting in the Suppliers' Ad forum:

- If you are a new supplier to the forum…welcome! We’re glad to have you.

- Here are some positive things to post that will favorably draw our attention to you:

Info about your new company.
Info about you: Are you a soap maker? What experience do you have?
What can you offer us that we can't find on other supplier websites?

- What do we love as a consumer?:

Fragrance Sample packs
Great customer service
Answers to our questions

- What we DON'T appreciate?:

Unprofessional, hoping-to-get-rich-quick schemers that are only here to deceive and play tricks. For example…we don’t appreciate 'suppliers' posing as customers in the Shopping Recommendations forum. This is obvious when it happens and you will only tarnish your company/name. Honesty will take you far.

We also don’t appreciate it when suppliers pop in, drop their link and never come back without making any contribution to the community.

So, please come on in…tell us about yourself…contribute to the community, and you’ll be really surprised at how many customers you could earn.

Thank you to all of the wonderful suppliers that do post! We appreciate the heads up on new products and sales.

- Section III. A word of advice to our SMF forum members:

Please shop with care.

You have many ways to help make good decisions when purchasing items advertised here or elsewhere:

1. Check out forum feedback and discussions about the seller and the product.

2. Read the sellers "Terms". These can be very telling - know what you are getting yourself into.
Note that confusing or poorly written "Terms" can be an indication that they are either not well thought out, or are intentionally misleading. Think. Think. Think.

3. Check out the actual feedback on sites such as Etsy. The % Positive doesn't tell much, really. What actual problems did the purchaser have to deal with? Did the seller give punitive negative feedback for valid complaints?

4. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

Please PM one of our mods or admins if you have any further recommendations or suggestions to add to the above.
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