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Jul 24, 2014
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Encinitas, CA
Hello all,

I have been happily shredding away at unsatisfactory soaps w/my new salad shooter, and would like to make some confetti soap. Question: I didn't love the recipes w/some of these, which is why they are getting recycled. Can I use different ones for the new batter w/o fear of separation? I know I have to use a 2:1 new/old ratio from searching here, but just wanted to make sure it was not better to stay close on ingredient mix.

For example, the old one I would like to confetti first contains about 10% rice bran oil (and mostly lard, with some CO, OO and a bit of castor for the rest of the oil mix.) For the new batch I'd probably just omit the RB and increase the lard. Thanks in advance for any input.
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You can add your shreds into any recipe. I've done it many times with no problem. I've even jus filled my mold with shreds and poured new batter over the top and gave it a stir then banged it down a few times.
Recipe doesn't matter. I find it helps to give them a very quick dunk or splash in water before mixing in to help adhesion and perhaps prevent air pockets.
You can do any recipe. IMO, it's helpful to do full water, b/c I think the shreds absorb some of that water, and also to gel, so that way the soap shreds will melt a bit and will better "marry" into the new soap.
I agree with advices above and just want to add that a very safe and also cute method is to make soaps similar to these:
No chance of separation and I think it looks great! I have tried this many times, with the proportion of approx 1/3 of confetti soap shreds vs 2/3 fresh soap batter, measured by weight :)