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Sep 14, 2022
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Northern CA
I am in awe of soapers that can dup the same look of a soap design time after time. It has been pretty challenging for me, making me wish I took better notes, and that I had not rushed pouring the middle section last time. This is the design I have done using NS Juicy Pear FO.
Top is batch 1, middle batch 2 and the bottom I did a few weeks ago. Same BB Apple Green mica for all 3 batches, must have worked harder on my lighting for the first batch photo.
Given that the difference in colors is from the lighting they look pretty similar (and all really good). The two bottom ones just look a little more angled, is that what you mean? If I were a buyer and bought any of them in different orders (but as the same design) I would be fine with it.
They all look really similar. What do you think of the fragrance oil? I love pear scents. I haven't purchased one thinking it may not stick. How is the staying power on the FO?
@Bubz - it is delicious and holds really well. I recently used it for lotion, too. Double yum!

ETA - thanks for the feedback, everyone. I was mostly disappointed at not getting the exact same feathered look in the middle section. It’s close, tho.