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Oct 22, 2007
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Upper Peninsula MI
I'm getting ready to start selling my products. Looks like I will be selling on commission at a couple places. But I will also be selling direct.
So my question is, do I keep my prices consistent for both commission and direct? I was thinking that for example my 3 oz bar of soap I'd sell direct for $3., then I'd just add 30% to this price for the commission place so I still get my $3. Is that correct? Then those who later decide to buy direct will get a price break.

I need to run the numbers using Tabitha's formula for figuring out price to see if any difference than the technique I used: add up ALL my costs for supplies (including the shipping, labels, ink) and then double it.

Thanks everyone for all your pointers on this forum! I've been studying for months and preparing, but am now in crunch time to get it all out in time for the holidays. I hope I was a good girl scout and prepared well!

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