Coconut Oil for jet fuel.

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check out my post on 'alternatives to palm oil' for yet another angle! using palm oil for biodiesel may not be as eco-friendly as it sounds! :?
Thats a great Idea McFries Airlines. helping lower the CO2 and smelling good while doing it.. Now Im getting hungry.
has anyone here ever worked in the restaurant industry?? working at olive garden currently...just curious as to whether I could use those big (5 gallon??? or 3 gallon) size containers that the oil comes in for the fryers to possibly store my lye solution??

I know theyre made of heavy duty plastic and they get them from sysco...we throw like 2 of these out every 4 days...would be perfect for me to take some of them and recycle them

thank you very much!

(I have heard of people using detergent containers but I would rather not being that they have held synthetic chemicals and I would like my soaps to not even come anywhere close to anything like that...concerned about the residue that could possibly be left behind etc...)

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