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Dec 30, 2023
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Everett, WA
I went ceramics painting today and made an ombré mug! I’m excited to see what it looks like after the kiln.


Do any of you ever paint ceramics? I’d love to see some of your work if you do!
Wow, that's beautiful! Very well done.

My mom and I paint ceramics. We use molds to cast slip in, take them out after a while and fire them. Then we paint them. It's pretty cool, and very labor intensive. Some of the molds are impossibly heavy.
Oh wow, you two did way more that sounds so fun! I’d love to do a pottery class some day and make my own thing, and use different glazes.

The place we go has premade blanks and what looks like chalky paint to put on them, then they fire it and I pick it up like a week later.

I just found a picture of a vase right after I painted it, I seem to never photograph them after they’re fired 😂

I love those ceramics places - we had one and I went with several groups until it closed during the pandemic. Soooo much fun! DH likes to tease me about the last item I made. It’s a cute little serving tray that I did in very plain grays and gray speckle, with a design 🤷🏻‍♀️on the bottom🤷🏻‍♀️.
1. I am not an artist; 2. I really don’t care for agapanthus 3. Mav is a nickname he calls me.
But here it is….