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I did not know LeCruset made lightweight, I know mine are Heavy, and I am getting too old to lift the large ones I have. While I love LeCruset I will say the finish can wear out over time like many enamel pots and pans. I have several LeCruset and the ones I used the most stick very badly and it seems to be the finish has gone bad in them. It is a real bummer because these were brutally expensive very large roasters and stock pans with a few other ones. Not sure I will invest in LeCruset again. LOL, my go-to pans are still my Lustre Craft Waterless Stainless pans I purchased on a payment plan when I first got out of high school. My mom was so mad at me for buying them, but I still use those pans. I even still have the cookie sheets that came with the set. Best pans I own.