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Aug 10, 2007
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I am concerned with the use of esstential oils and cats.

I know that tea tree oil is a big no-no. So I won't even bring that one into my home. I won't be using EO's directly on cats, I am concerned with the inhalation sensitivity while the soaps are being prepared. Being chemically sensitive myself I know it does take much to cause a "episode". I can enter a room hours after someone who has had on a perfume I am sensitive to and have a reaction to the lingering scent.

My main focus is going to be producing dogs soap and shampoo and maybe expanding into room sprays and candles. I want to avoid FO's. I wanted to use EO's for pest control. The important thing is that whatever I make be gentle enough for me to use on my own pets.
I don't want to produce anything that would be injurious to cats. I wasn't concerned about this because I only had dogs but I acquired a kitten 3 weeks ago, so the priorities have changed.

I am also concerned about second-hand/ pet-to-pet exposure. The kitten loves to be with the dogs and I have MANY-MANY dogs.
You should contact a vet. Most EOs are deadly for cats. I make a few dog products & clearly label that the dog products are not intended for puppies & could be deadly for cats & kittens.
I would get the specifics from your vet though.
Thanks Tabitha, I have the most excellent vet and he has been supportive in my all doggie ventures. I just wanted to get the opions and input from soapers who have cats in there home. I was curious as to first hand observation. If your animals have had any adverse reactions to the EO's or FO's used.

I have gotten attached to this little kitty and I wouldn't want to cause it any harm with soapmaking.
I have cats. One is very sensitive & even has asthma. A few times she snuck into my soap supply store room & slept w/o my knowledge. It really causes her to wheeze heavy. She made a habit of sleeping in the window in that room for a couple of weeks, I again was not aware untill the kids said they saw her in the window regularly from the front yard. I had to take her to the vet for oxygen and a shot. I kept 100's of fo's in the closed up room & a few eo's: tea tree, lav, rosemary & spearmint. The other cats are not effected at all. Like I said, she wheezes already almost daily so she is hyper sensitive.

The cats should not have been allowed in that room at all I know, that was years ago.
I make a doggie bar, but it has no FO's or EO's.
I'm not willing to take that chance of getting a cat or a dog sick.
I'm sure my insurance agent wouldn't be too happy with me either.

Eo's can be deadly for any living creature, including humans, if given in the incorrect dosage.

I would suggest buying 'The Fragrant Pharmacy' by Valerie Ann Worwood (I think it has a different title in the US). She is a world renown Aromatherapist and there is a whole section on Pets in the book.

I've been using Eo's for the best part of 20 years and have had my cat for 10 of them, I do not use the oils directly on her but use them on myself and in a vaporizer every single day and she is probably the most healthy cat I have ever had. In the time I have had her she has never been to the vets apart from to have her yearly shots.

The book is great and anyone wanting to use EO's really should read it and many, many other before venturing down that path.
Thanks SKitten...I will try to find that book by Valerie.

Heads up though, I do have her other book."The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatheraphy.

In the section under pets she has a Cat treatment which uses Tea Tree oil applied directly to the skin and the licking/digesting of the oil would be benefical as well.

As the book was published in 1990 that information on tree oil may not have been known at that time.
I have heard of cats digesting tea tree by the drop, can't remember what for though.

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