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Has anyone used those magnets that stick to your car that advertise you business?

Do they work? Has anyone had any success with them?
AHAHAHAHAHAH got a funny story for that!! I used to do mobile dog grooming, I had the cute little magnets on my car, a lady was coming up along side of me, she crashed trying to write down my phone number and drive at the same time. Needless to say, I didn't get her business 8)
Just a heads up: I was told by my insurance company that if you have your biz add on your car you have to register it as a business vehicle on your insurance, which is more than if it were just a personal vehicle. If it is listed as a personal vehicle & you get in a wreck w/ the magnet, sign, etc on your car... you'll be in great trouble. Not sure what that means, it may vary from company to company.
You are correct Tab, I work for Nationwide and is a rule that you must have a business auto policy if you have a business name on it.

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