OT: Weird experience at gym

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Owner was very nice, apologized profusely, explained how they plan to go about the remodel, and assured me this would never happen again. I'm letting it go.
Yes!! That's very good of him.

And while it can feel disempowering to have someone else go in to speak to them.. I get that.. it also reinforces to them that the whole family was upset. And standing for you.

I hope you can go back to simple enjoyment now.
Well done for seeking a resolution. It can’t have been easy at all
It was really hard to go back there, and honestly I'm not thrilled with the corporate-appropriate "We really missed the mark on this one" and "I have sisters, a mother, a wife, daughters..." but whatever. What I would have preferred is more like ...not a prepackaged apology... and a plan as to how that will never happen again. I also understand everybody sues everybody these days so I get it. The corporate response will have to do. But if anything even close ever happens there again, I'm gone.

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