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Aug 24, 2017
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I ordered some pots online to use for soaping, advertised as stainless steel. They aren't magnetic, which I realize doesn't rule out them being SS, but doesn't confirm it either (as being magnetic would have).
Is there a way I can easily check this, short of soaping with them and seeing what happens?
Or--I'm fine with trying them in a small batch of soap, but if they aren't SS and will cause problems, am I sure to catch it in a one-batch test? Is there something I should look for that I might see that's maybe not catastrophic but indicates not SS and possibly a future problem?
Thanks for any pointers!
Where did you purchase them? Can you read the stamp on the metal (often SS cookware has a stamp somewhere on the pot indicating SS and a number rating, like SS 18/8 or whatever.)

If you cannot find that on your pots, can you check what the site you ordered from them states regarding the quality of SS (see this link).
Thanks @earlene , but they don't say anything where I ordered (Amazon) besides "high quality stainless steel", and don't have any identifying markings. I'm hoping there's a way to put my mind at ease, even if it means sacrificing a small batch of soap, potentially.
There's no surefire way to know what kind of stainless steel you've got without doing a chemical analysis. Simply making soap in it won't give you a definite answer. The best chance of getting decent stainless steel equipment is to buy from a reputable source.
thanks, @DeeAnna.
Maybe I need to abandon these mystery bowls...if anyone has a solid brand recommendation I'd take it! I'm looking for a nice big bowl for battery, with a pouring spout.