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Jan 9, 2022
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Hi all!

There is a small problem with the wicks.
I have two glasses in which I pour. The first glass (photo #1) and the second (photo #2). I use CB-135 wax. The amount of fragrance - 9%.
I use two wicks for the first candle and three for the second (photo #3 and #4)
The diameter of the first candle is 7.5 cm, the diameter of the second is 9.5 cm.
I did a lot of experiments with wicks and just can't get the result. My desired result is 1 wick for the first candle and 1 wick for the second.
Can you help me choose wicks?
Maybe there are good wicks that can melt the surface of the candle?
I'm not averse to considering wood wick options.
I have had experience with round wicks. They fit me perfectly, but the problem is cutting them. The more the candle is used, the more difficult it is to trim the wick. I had to give them up even though I really liked them (photo #5 and #6).
Therefore I am considering options with flat wicks too.
I will be very grateful for help :)
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Oct 30, 2018
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I am not experienced with wicks or candles, but I have bought wicks before (never used them). I remember the website I bought them from had a page advising which one to buy depending on the diameter of the candle, and/ or wax. Perhaps that might be helpful, here is their link.

As a candle user though, I have two candles of about the same circumference, one has a regular wick and the other a wooden one that crackles. This latter one has burned more evenly, while the one with the corded wick has created a hole in the center and there is a wall of wax surrounding it. I have a smaller candle with a corded wick that burns evenly though, so I do not think the problem is with the material of the wick but rather its ratio to candle size.
Nov 19, 2020
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here are a few ideas for you
you can do a cross ( with wood wick ) and that burns in a round circle( you would have to adjust the wick size) or play around with your waxes to get to the right melting point ( learn your wax melting points) and the average melting point of them mixed( can do trial and error if you don't want to sit and calculate)
it might also work. try to soak/dip your wicks in a hard wax a few times before putting them in . so the wax around the wick will have a lower burning point temperature. than the wick itself. it will keep it floating straight and help the surrounding wax burn.
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