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  1. M

    Help Please, Rebatch is still playdoughy

    Hello! I am very new to soap making. Yesterday I rebatched my soap because it was very soft. It has been 24hrs and the soap it still a playdough texture. What can i do?? Will it harden? Also for the future reference how hard should a soap be after sitting in the mold after 24hrs? I really...
  2. Aline

    Rebatching advice sought!

    I have some pretty hard soap I want to rebatch and I'm seeing wildly different recommendations about how much liquid to add. A couple of articles suggest 9 oz water per lb of soap and I realize the amount will depend on how hard the soap is but this sounds like an awful lot. Also, a lot of...
  3. C

    cp soap gone wrong. twice in one week.

    So, my two different batches of cp soap this week didn't turn out the way i wanted. First, my milk soap with honey and oats overheated so that it got a layer of oil on top. Fragrance really is the culprit. I have rebatched this soap after i had unmolded and cut it. The second batch gone bad...
  4. C

    Rebatching Question

    Hi, I recently made some soap and used too much castor oil and ended up with a sticky soap. I want to rebatch it and am not sure how to go about it. Can I make a completely new soap and go about the regular rebatching process (grating it, adding water, etc) for both soaps? By both soaps I...
  5. B

    What do you think? Rebatch

    So as some of you know that have been helping this newbie out ,that I have been having issues making soap :( I made a really pretty mint green CP soap scented with BB cucumber melon. It was colored with High Ph labcolor in Green & to make it lighter with a sparkle I use a white mica all from BB...
  6. lisamaliga

    Pink Clay & Shea

    Pink Clay & Shea is one of my favorites because the pink stays pink! Of course it contains my favorite additive -- shea butter. This is a rebatch [hand-milled] base.