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Jan 3, 2008
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Here is what I have been up to...

These were made several weeks ago...


I cut them today...

Cut Pic
Cut Pic

Then I rebatched a botched batch...

Ready to go!
On the stove for 6 hours!Still not done!
On the stove for 12 Hours!Finally ready to go in the mold! FINALLY!!!
In the mold about 6 hours.It is still really soft and mushy. It hasn't firmed up a lot at all. The smell is better and OMG the suds!

Then I made coffee scrubbie soap...

Top layer with swirl, sort of...
My pretty grounded girl! LOL
Layer view. It was already gelling before I even got the top layer on there!

Cut Pic
Cut Pic Sorry it's so blurry!
Cut Pic

I soaped for 13 hours today! I took a break, went to sleep and now I am considering making stain sticks tonight! LOL

I also made this one on Friday. It had a minor oil slick on top, but hopefully it will go away...

Top View
Layer View
2 questions:

1) What kind of colorant did you use on that wild purple & green soap?
2) What did the little one do toy get grounded :( .
1) I used pop mica colors. Purple and Green.

2) She snuck her Nintendo DS to school, snuck and played it and THEN she left it on the floor under her desk where FORTUNATLEY (for me not for her) her teacher found it and promptly notified me. BUSTSED!

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