Bramble Berry's Island Kiss (Escada Type)

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Feb 14, 2014
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I got a sample bottle of Bramble Berry's Island Kiss and it is absolutely gorgeous. I made it up as a perfume and all three bottles flew off the shelf in as many days.

The problem is you have to buy 10 lbs of this so I am wondering if anyone else is interested in a share? (maybe BB would split it up for us).

The other possibility is to find it elsewhere. I did get a sample of SOS's Island Kiss but it lacked the juiciness of BB's.

Has anyone purchased this Escada dupe from other companies? Anyone have some BB they could sell me?

It's so hard when you can't smell it first! I'm not sure if I would want a pound or not, but I'd go for a share, if it can be arranged. I don't know what BB can/will do.
Bramble Berry did send me a 1/2 oz sample (normally you send them an SAE and they send you a sniffie sample). I'm going to email Anne-Marie and see if samples can be made available. It is truly divine!
I just learned this two days ago, but the mods prefer that you contact them first about doing a swap/ group buy. Then you also have to be a member for at least six months, and have at least 100 posts i believe. Hazel, Lizflowers, and ISG are the moderators that i have mostly dealt with. Good luck and welcome!
Island Kiss at Bramble Berry

Thanks for the info.

I wasn't actually wanting to host a coop because I am in Hawaii (so it wouldn't make sense with the shipping). I was more trying to find out if anyone else has the desire to buy this scent by the pound so I could approach BB and see if they would divide up a 10 lb batch. Actually Midnight Rowan wanted this fragrance a couple of years ago but I haven't been able to private message her.

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