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  1. goat soap rulz!

    Best colorants for CP soap?

    Hey yall! It's me again! I recently got into coloring soap, but have been making soap for 3 ish years. And I have found it extremely overwhelming to find colorants... I got the royal upgrade from mad micas, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, but the TD wasn't very pigmented. I have used almost all...
  2. M

    Who is your favorite supplier for essential oils, fragrance oils, raw products etc?

    Wholesale Supplies Plus(WSP) Bulk Apothecary Nature's Garden Brambleberry Essential Depot
  3. incognitocat2

    Zappy crystal soap tops (but the rest is fine)

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to solve a soapy mystery, and any help/insight you could provide would be appreciated! (see photos attached for reference) Last night (~24 hrs ago at this point) I made two 5-lb loaves of soap using the same oil masterbatch. I used different fragrances and colorants...
  4. Aline

    Bramble Berry's Island Kiss (Escada Type)

    I got a sample bottle of Bramble Berry's Island Kiss and it is absolutely gorgeous. I made it up as a perfume and all three bottles flew off the shelf in as many days. The problem is you have to buy 10 lbs of this so I am wondering if anyone else is interested in a share? (maybe BB would...
  5. B

    Review on FO from BB & NG

    Hello guys I posted this in a post with a different title and figured since this helps me choose Id help others by posting reviews on BrambleBerrys FO (BB) & Natures Gardens FO (NG)..... BrambleBerry FO: Coconut Lemongrass (love,love love & so does everyone else) Cucumber Melon Chipotle Caramel...
  6. Goldsmith

    Bramble Berry Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Bramble berry's Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil ? Wondering about what the scent is like and if it sticks well in CP