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Here I am sitting at work. Bored to death! I was taken off the radio today since we have someone new being trained. So I am at the front desk only. BORED BORED BORED!
At least I can stay online all day!
I keep dreaming at the soap at home I want to cut! LOL

I made Discount Water soap for the first time!
Used EO's for the first time other than just peppermint and lavender
Lavender & Sweet Orange EO with lavender buds
Eucalyptus & Peppermint EO with peppermint leaves
Almond & Honey with Apricot Kernel Scrub
Rosemary EO with Powdered Rosemary
D'Essex Restock
Black Coffee (Espresso with coffee grinds) with White Cream (TD added)

I could have taken them out last night to cut them, but I waited til this morning, I stared at them, but I have to come here! LOL

*sigh* I wanna soap full time...
I can sympathize with you. I have to work and would love nothing more than to be in my shop full time. Some days, I can not, as hard as I try, get my mind out of my shop and off my soap. ~Sigh~